Sunday, April 21, 2013

X, Y .... Z?

Been a while, but I'm finally getting motivated again to keep the project moving - had to take care of a few "honey-dos" prior to moving forward.

Found a older computer (c.2004, Celeron 2.6ghz put a clean copy of XP) to push the GCode - will probably do the designing one of  my non-garage machines since this is just barely fast enough that I don't take my sledge hammer to it.

Got the power supply (Goodwill, thank you!) all wired up to the GRBL shield, flashed Arduino with 0.8 GRBL and have the X & Y axisis running great.  No binding or hang-ups.  Only issue thus far is with the anti-backlash springs, which I don't think are quite big enough.  They are getting hung-up on the treads, so I left them out for now.

Put some good time in last night with the Z axis - the more I work with this particular design, the more I realize that it is extremely easy for the small errors to add up into a machine that may not have the accuracy I'd like, especially when I don't have a lot of precision tools to build.  A learning experience before moving on to bigger and better.

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